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Fish meal with steady in bearish

Author:John Release:2014-02-06

Fishmeal market into the short-term fluctuation stage, traders lose money shipment, price increases will strongly; but the market demand is still not satisfactory, although it has improved in the early, but better range is limited, not enough to promote the rapid rebound in prices, so the market high low phenomenon occurs. Most of the current terminal while the stock is not much, but in the face of the surging, inventory continuously boost fishmeal market, still strong wait-and-see attitude, attempt to wait until prices low entry goods. In general, the fish market is vulnerable to run, but on the current situation, fishmeal market there will be no major fluctuations, this year's fisheries season draws to a close, livestock and poultry feed formulation is changed to reduce the usage of fish meal, there may be a part of enterprises choose before delivery, it will be part of the volume, but overall, no positive factors significantly in the short term, the corresponding support can only get a meal, but is currently soybean meal market also sustain a concussion, and affected by the new beans to be listed, the market is not optimistic, today's meal spot by futures market decline, also appeared to decline fish meal, for their support, and set down, today the port specific quotes are as follows: (unit: yuan / ton)

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