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Is expected to domestic fish meal prices remain high in the near future

Author:a Release:2014-04-08

Recently in the Peru fish meal the outer disk of the highest positions, domestic large price sell psychological promote China's import fishmeal prices quickly after the cost of imports, the domestic import fishmeal prices continue to rise pattern, to be taken by surprise a lot of fish meal users "". And import fishmeal prices soared, also prompted some feed enterprises to actively market for domestic fish meal, fish meal price rise led domestic with disc. In addition, due to the high price of domestic and imported fish meal prices have been up to 8400 yuan / ton, so traders selling attitude also appeared difference.

A domestic and imported fishmeal, rapid catch-up support costs, prices continue to rise

Near stage in Peru fish market, the main importer for Peru new season of fishmeal market is still active. The Peru ordinary level better quality fish meal price is CNF1170 dollars / ton, equivalent to RMB cost 8400 ~ 8500 yuan / ton. In this background, domestic and imported fish meal price increases rapidly after traders sell psychological support, the price is still showing a strong upward trend. At present the main port of domestic ordinary level of fish meal price in 8400 ~ 8500 yuan / ton, is at the beginning of the week up 200 - 300 yuan / ton.

Two, feed enterprises active inquiry, homegrown fishmeal prices will follow up

Because the domestic import fishmeal prices soaring, some domestic feed enterprises gradually began to enquire for domestic fish meal, thus the current domestic fish meal Inquiry Transactions very active, prices also followed the imported fish meal to soar. The common quality within TVN150 Shandong Shidao area of domestic fish meal price of 7600 yuan / ton, compared with last week rose 300 yuan / ton, TVN120 within the domestic fish meal price of 8000 yuan / ton, compared with last week rose 400 yuan / ton. Although the price soaring domestic fish meal, but compared with the imported fish meal, the price advantage is still significant. In the active inquiry of feed enterprises, in September after the Fu Jixiu fishing fish resources in China Huang Bohai area is the focus of the industry.

Three, the terminal demand of regional differentiation, highest sales slightly different domestic traders mentality

Common role in the weather and breeding efficiency, at present domestic aquaculture pattern presents the regional differentiation pattern, make domestic fish meal demand also has the differentiation. Aquatic feed demand in Southern China area is very obvious characteristics of the busy season, so in the fishmeal market demand in Southern China area is also relatively thriving. Compared to Southern China area, East China and fish meal demand terminal region in the north is relatively insipid, each terminal feeding enterprises in import fishmeal price purchase enthusiasm is relatively low. So, presents the regional differentiation in the terminal demand, in the domestic part of traders in the domestic import fishmeal reached 8400 yuan / ton price, for the later demand concerns, shipment will be enhanced; but there are also part of a goods still sell large stop reported phenomenon.

In general, close to 8 at the end of the month, the industry in the domestic fish meal situation gradually to focus. Due to the current domestic fish meal price has soared, so after September high domestic fish meal price has become a fixed board; the fish resources in the coastal area of China in September after the ambush and fishing output of domestic fish meal or to import market impact, but the impact strength may be more limited, is expected in Peru new trap the beginning of the season before, domestic and imported fishmeal run tone is more difficult to change.

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