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Feed six pollution prevention

Author:John Release:2014-01-10

In the use of feed, to prevent the following six kinds of pollution:

-- pest rodent contamination. Insects can cause feed nutrient loss, or leave the toxin in feed. In the suitable temperature, humidity larger circumstances, mites are harmful to feed. Mice will not only cause loss diet, can also cause pollution of feed, transmitted diseases.

-- microbial pollution. Forage breeding of Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium graminearum and sickle fungi and other harmful microorganisms, can produce aflatoxins, zearalenone, Gibberellin on livestock harmful toxin. The strongest toxicity of aflatoxin.

-- anti nutritional factor pollution. Anti nutritional factors in feed mainly protease inhibitor, carbohydrate inhibitor, mineral bioavailability inhibitory factor, vitamin factor antagonist, stimulate the animal immune system factor etc.. Their presence interferes with livestock and poultry feed on nutrient digestion, absorption and utilization.

-- the pollution of harmful chemical substances. Mainly includes the pesticide pollution, industrial "three wastes" pollution, nutrient mineral additive of three kinds of harmful chemical substance pollution.

-- non nutritive additives pollution. Antibiotics, hormone, antioxidant, anti mildew agent and sedative effect, to prevent diseases, improve the feed utilization rate and growth rate have a great role, but if not strictly abide by the principles and control the use of safe dosage and withdrawal time, drugs and their metabolites residues in meat, eggs, milk, and the environmental pollution of livestock and poultry excretion matter.

-- poison cross pollution generated in the process of. The improper control of machining process, the feed composition complex additive in crushing, conveying, mixing, granulation, extrusion and other special processing occurs during the degradation reaction, redox reaction, generate some complex compounds.

In addition, feed production process of mixed pollution is an important factor that affects the health and quality of feed. Therefore in the feed processing production process should pay attention to cleaning equipment, avoid feed decomposition and residue in the conveying and mixing process.

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