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Bovine Meat and Bone Meal


Meat and Bone Meal (From Bovine)

1.Producing process
The raw material of meat and bone meal are mainly from by-product of cattle in slaughterhouse, whose main components are residual bone, skin, fat, offal, meat after the removal of edible part.
Using advanced equipment, scientificly processing, high temperature sterilization, to make the organic more easily absorbed by decomposition of long-chain to short-chain, greatly improving the palatability of animals and the absorption rate.

2.The Specification as follow

CRUDE PROTEIN %    50 min

PHOSPHORUS%          6.0min

CALCIUM%                 12.0min

CRUDE FIBRE %          5.0max

CRUDE FAT %            10.0 max

MOISTURE %             10.0max

CRUDE ASH %            30.0 max

3.Packaging & shipping  & payment

Shelf life: 12Months

Storage:  Stored in cool, dry and ventilated place, without direct sunshine.

Payment: By T/T or L/C

Minimum Order Quantity:  One 20ft container---20Mts One 40ft container---28Mts

Place of origin: China(mainland)

Loading port: Qingdao port

Packaging & shipping:


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